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on Sydney Harbour
La Traviata, 2012
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The International Foundation for Arts and Culture (IFAC) is a non-profit organization, which was formed to engender social welfare through music and arts-related activity.

Established in 1996, IFAC was officially recognized by the Government of Tokyo as a non-profit organization in 1999. The foundation has since enjoyed the backing of a great number of art enthusiasts who have pledged support for our objectives and kindly contributed to our activities
in various ways.

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It is my firm conviction that both the civilization and culture of the 21st century are reaching beyond the borders of art, religion, welfare, economics, politics and other realms. The current times are particularly characterized as an age of economics, and in recent years corporate patronage of the arts and culture has expanded greatly.

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Opera Australia launches OA|TV featuring archival footage of Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour 900 600 Ellie

Opera Australia launches OA|TV featuring archival footage of Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour

Unable to perform live while the country is in COVID-19 lock-down, Opera Australia has created another way to share their performances with opera fans, today launching OA | TV

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Photo credit: Hamilton Lund

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Photo credit: Prudence Upton
music & theatre

IFAC proudly to supports music, theatre, dance and poetry through world class performances with Opera Australia and Japan’s oldest theatre art Noh.

Set against the it’s stunning backdrop, Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour has proven to be a unique and very special world class event. As each year we see outstanding performances as they continue to redefine operatic theatre and the imaginative spaces in which art can be performed. Empowered by it’s 14th century heritage, Noh theatre is performed today and incorporating traditional masks, costumes and various props, in a dance based cultural performance.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts plays a huge role here at IFAC, as we sponsor and support the Annual International High School Arts Festival in Japan and have been partnered with the British Museum since 2013.

The annual International High School Arts Festival in Japan is an opportunity for senior high school students to showcase their outstanding creative talent on a global platform. 2019 celebrated the 20th edition of the festival. IFAC and the British Museum have held a special partnership, working together towards showcasing the art and culture of Japan, and sharing its beauty with the millions of people visiting the British Museum every year.

youth education

For more than 20 years now IFAC has partnered with some outstanding organisations such as The Juilliard School, Sing for Hope and the Australian Singing Competition supporting youth education within music, arts and culture at a global level.

Thanks to the vision of Dr Handa and IFAC, Juilliard has been able to bring some of the most renowned singers and musicians in the world to work with our young singers. Sing for Hope now have a decade-long commitment to support toward their programs in New York City as well as dynamic new creative initiatives around the globe. Along with the Australian Singing Competition has been elevated from a valued contest with piano, to an internationally respected and locally celebrated event.

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